Teach The Story Arts With Ready-to-Teach K-12 Curriculum

Story Arts Academy brings industry experts in the Story Arts to your classroom. Our mission is to enable educators to bring the fundamentals of Story in all disciplines to equip the next generation of Story Artists.

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Experts In Your Classroom

Story Arts breaks the barrier between school and real life by bringing industry experts into classroom through video and live virtual events.

Standards Aligned K-12 Curriculum

Aligned to nation-wide standards, our curriculum makes it easy for teachers use in their everyday practice. Courses are 3-5 lessons in length.  

Industry Tools And Resources

Every course contains tools and resources used in Story Arts professions equipping your students with relevant, informed craft, knowledge, and skill.

Our Growing List Of Academy Courses

All Story Arts course contain standard-aligned lesson plans, videos of industry experts, downloadable tools and resources, and assessments. They truly are ready-to-teach.

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Industry Resources

We are crafting industry resources to be used in our classes and beyond. Check out these resources and download today!

Client Brief Toolkit

Use the Client Brief to guide transformational project work with clients in your community. We have designed a Client Brief from the ground up that students can use to interview external experts and create their own projects.

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Tridimensional Bone Structure

The Bone Structure Toolkit is a tried and true method used by storytellers to bring their characters to life. As Booker T Mattison explains in his course, “You cannot write a character well that you do not know well.”


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