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What Is the Story Arts Challenge?

We are thrilled to share an exciting new storytelling curriculum and live virtual event for you and your students.

This learning experience includes a student-facing video-series followed by a live Q&A featuring Christy Todd, Community for Creativity Program Facilitator for Fayette County Public Schools. The curriculum and event are designed for students in grades one through graduate school and will serve as a powerful way to bring industry professionals and world-class storytelling standards into your classroom.

This incredible four-part curriculum is available to you at no cost.

More About the Curriculum

This learning experience will be useful for teachers who are teaching any of the following:

  1. Key Ideas & Details
  2. Craft & Structure
  3. Text Types & Purposes
  4. Production & Distribution of Writing
  5. Integration and Presentation of Knowledge & Ideas

The curriculum includes flexible modules that take anywhere from 3 hours to use in your classroom. 


Standards Addressed

Key Ideas & Details

Craft & Structure

Text Types & Purposes

Production & Distribution of Writing

Integration and Presentation of Knowledge & Ideas


Course Overview
About Your Instructor


Lesson 1 - Podcasting and Guest Speaker

Lesson 2 - The Hook

Lesson 3 - Crafting The Story

Lesson 4 - Podcast Release


Course survey and wrap-up

About Your Instructor 

Christy Todd is passionate about building opportunities for all kids to create; so much so that she founded the Fayette County Public Schools Community for Creativity initiative. She currently coordinates the program at Rising Starr Middle School (Fayetteville, GA), where she works with creative industry partners to support student creation of songs, podcasts, videos, games, audio books and more, which are then released through the school’s entertainment label, Hall Pass Entertainment. Over the years, she has taught a variety of classes ranging from chorus, music technology, drama, and music theory. Christy earned many honors and awards for her work in music education, and was most recently named the 2022 Teacher of the Year for Fayette County Schools.