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Upcoming Events

Live Event With Jeffrey Stepakoff

February 13th, 10:00 AM
Location: Virtual

Jeffrey Stepakoff will give live feedback on student work completed during the course, and a new, live challenge will be posed to learners during this exciting virtual workshop.

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Podcasting At Rising Starr Middle School

February 2023
Location: In-Person (Invite-only)

invite-only to participants of the Podcast Challenge, in-person immersive recording experience at Rising Starr.
During this event, select participants of the Podcast challenge will have the opportunity to record the next episode of the challenge.

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Music Panel

May 2023
Location: TBD

We will gather with our music experts, including members of the Zac Brown Band, for a panel-based workshop.

This will be a capstone experience for the four music-focused courses in Spring 2023. At the event, students will share their work through songwriting, writing, production, and recording, and filming a music video.


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