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Shaping minds, cultures, and generations.

Storytelling is essential to the human experience—it’s how we communicate, connect, and cultivate meaningful connections. Story Arts’ mission is to help young people of all ages develop the knowledge, skills and craft of Story. We build immersive experiences and curriculum for young Story Artists to impact not only the local community, but the world.

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What is Story Arts?

Story Arts is a movement of outside-the-box thinkers who want to inspire and encourage creativity across all industries, products, and people. Our interdisciplinary approach seeks to transcend the barriers between traditional K-graduate school education and industry to generate narrative-based products that will help shape minds, cultures, and generations for years to come.

Why Fayette?


Creative spaces inspire creative thinking. Georgia has made a name for itself across the country and the world as a state rich in inspiring minds and creative thinkers. The state is uniquely positioned to educate, inspire, and foster change through Story Arts.

Fayette County is being intentionally designed as the creative epicenter of Georgia. Fayette has developed a community that supports this vision and industry, creating an area that thrives in storytelling, film production, and creative arts. Here you’ll find major players dedicated to the Story Arts movement such as Trilith Studios, the Georgia Film Academy, The Town at Trilith, and The Alliance Theatre—and that’s just to name a few. Fayette County is ready to lead in this journey. The question is, are you?

What Makes A Story Artist?


We help students identify how story is used cross-culturally as well as in their daily lives. They can use this tool as an effective communicator.


From producing a film, creating a logo for a company, to crafting an elevator pitch, we challenge students to explore the variety of ways they can connect with others through crafting a story.


There is an artistry to storytelling. We partner with industry experts to help students refine their skills through a variety of mediums.

Story Arts Collaborators

In collaboration with education, arts industry, and youth development organizations across Georgia.

What it means to be a Story Artist

Story Artists are students of the human consciousness, generous in spirit, loving of others, and leaders for change. We spent countless hours interviewing industry experts, educational leaders, and creative minds to fully explain the great need for Story Arts and how Fayette is the region to champion its cause. Read more about what it means to be a Story Artist in our Landscape Analysis.

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Why Join Story Arts?

Storytelling is a powerful force for change and understanding, but it’s only as powerful as its storyteller. Story Arts equips students to discover their voice, find their passion, and impact their culture through an interdisciplinary curriculum developed by industry experts, educational leaders, and creative minds. Story Arts participants receive curricular resources for teachers, parents, and students, as well as leading edge research, industry-specific tools and templates, early access to workshops and webinars, and even apprenticeship opportunities.

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