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This learning experience includes a student-facing mini-series of videos followed by a live Q&A featuring Jeffrey Stepakoff, producer, screenwriter, novelist, founder of Georgia Film Academy, and President of Content Talent South. Stepakoff was the Co-Executive Producer of Chasing Life for ABC Family, Wild Card for Lifetime, Dawson’s Creek for the WB and has served as a Writer-Producer and/or Writer on Eight Primetime or First-Run Cable Staffs, including the Emmy-Winning The Wonder Years. He has written for two hit Disney films and is ready to share his knowledge of writers' rooms with you and your students!


The curriculum and event are designed for students in grades one through graduate school and will serve as a powerful way to bring industry professionals and world-class storytelling standards into your classroom.

This incredible 4 part curriculum is available to you at no cost.


More About the Curriculum

This learning experience will be useful for teachers who are teaching any of the following:

  • Dramatic Writing
  • English
  • Drama
  • Film & Television
  • Careers
  • Interior Design (Extension Activity)

To access this free learning experience, you can log onto this Story Arts platform to read the teacher guidance and watch the videos. This course includes four 45-minute lessons and optional extension activities.

Be Prepared for the Live Event

While the curriculum can be used at any time, we recommend that teachers hoping to attend the live virtual event start before the week of January 9th at the latest.

If you cannot attend the live event with your students, no worries! It will be recorded and shared with you afterward for optional use in your classroom. Also, this will be the 3rd in a series of 7 similar storytelling curricula and events during the 2022-2023 school year! Each learning experience will feature an industry professional and will cover topics such as podcasting, casting auditions, music video production, lyrics composition, and more.

We hope to see you at the live virtual event on January 23rd!


Standards Addressed

Clear & Concise Writing

Key Ideas & Details

Developing Scripts

Craft & Structure

Analyzing & Developing Characters

Integration of Knowledge & Ideas

Artistic & Technical Elements of Film/ Television Products & Careers

Interior Design (optional extension activity


Course Overview
About Your Instructor


Lesson 1 - Introduction to TV Writers

Lesson 2 - The Writers' Room

Lesson 3 - Aristotelian 3-Act Story Structure

Lesson 4 - Pilot TV Episode

Live Event

Classroom Presentation


Course survey and wrap-up

About Your Instructor 

With a sweeping thirty-three-year career in the development and production of film, television, publishing, animation, and digital media, Jeffrey Stepakoff is an accomplished producer, screenwriter, novelist, and entertainment industry expert. Stepakoff founded and was the director of the Georgia Film Academy and is the President of Content Talent South, Georgia's premier talent management, production, and consulting company.

Stepakoff was the Co-Executive Producer of television shows - Dawson’s Creek, Chasing Life, Wild Card - and has served as a Writer-Producer and/or Writer on eight primetime or first-run cable staffs, including the Emmy-winning The Wonder Years. He has written for two hit Disney films, is credited on over two hundred television episodes, and is ready to share his knowledge of writers' rooms with you and your students!