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Produce a Music Video With
Diego Pernia

We are thrilled to share an exciting new storytelling curriculum for producing a music video with creative director Diego Pernia.

This learning experience includes a student-facing video series and storytelling challenges featuring Diego Pernia. The curriculum is designed for students in grades 5-8 through school and will be a powerful way to bring industry professionals and world-class storytelling standards into your classroom. 

More About the Curriculum

This learning experience will be helpful for teachers who are teaching any of the following:

  • Literacy
  • Video Production
  • Music Creating, Performing, Responding, or Connecting Standards

To access this learning experience, log onto the Story Arts platform to read the teacher's guidance and watch the videos. The curriculum includes five flexible modules that take approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes to use in your classroom (5 class periods).


Standards Addressed


Music Creating


Responding or Connecting Standards


Key Ideas & Details

Integration of Knowledge & Ideas

Text Types & Purposes

Production & Distribution of Writing

Comprehension & Collaboration

Integration & Presentation of Knowledge & Ideas


Course Overview
About Your Instructor

Produce a Music Video

Lesson 1 - Video Production 101

Lesson 2 - Music Selection, Planning & Storyboard

Lesson 3 - Production Day Take #2

Lesson 4 - Presentation and Feedback

Course Survey

Course survey and reflection

About Your Instructor 

Diego Pernia is an award-winning director, live show creative director, and photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Argentina, Diego has focused his career on merging live-action and photo-realistic CGI elements with a cinematic storytelling style. He has collaborated with many artists, including Sting, Sir Rosevelt, and Zac Brown. Additionally, he has directed and produced TV shows for BBC, MTV, the Discovery Channel, and Nickelodeon. By incorporating his substantial knowledge-experience from around the world, Diego continues to show the importance of storytelling and finding one’s voice.