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Songcraft With Clay Cook

We are thrilled to share an exciting new storytelling course! This learning experience includes a learner-facing mini-series of videos featuring Clay Cook, songwriter, and member of the Zac Brown Band. The curriculum is designed for learners in grades one through graduate school. It will be a powerful way to bring industry professionals and world-class storytelling standards into your classroom.


More About the Curriculum

This learning experience will be useful for teachers who are teaching any of the following:

Key Ideas & Details

  • Craft & Structure
  • Integration and Presentation of Knowledge & Ideas
  • Text Types & Purposes
  • Production & Distribution of Writing
  • Research to Build & Present Knowledge
  • Comprehension & Collaboration
  • Poetry and/or Literary Techniques
  • Music Creating, Performing, Responding, or Connecting Standards
  • Art & Design

To access this free learning experience, you can log onto this Story Arts Academy to read the teacher guidance and watch the videos. The curriculum includes flexible modules that take anywhere from 3-4 hours to use in your classroom.



Standards Addressed

Poetry and/ or Literary Techniques

Music Creating, Performing, Responding, or Connecting Standards

Art & Design





Course Overview
About Your Instructor


Lesson 1 - Music Production and Guest Speaker

Lesson 2 - Song Challenge

Lesson 3 - Critiques and Tweaks

Lesson 4 - Record, Edit, Reflect

Final Activity

Release Party

Course Survey

Course survey and reflection

About Your Instructor


Georgia native, Clay Cook, is a songwriter, musician, producer, and a member of the Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band. Early in his career, Cook collaborated with musician John Mayer, and the duo formed the band Lo-Fi Masters. Moving their act to Atlanta, Georgia, Cook capitalized on his knowledge of the local scene, and the two began making names for themselves. Since then, Cook has collaborated with many musicians as a producer and musician. His commitment to the craft of songwriting has led to a diverse collection of albums, with other bands as well as solo.