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Create A Rollout Plan With Carmen Key

We are thrilled to share an exciting new storytelling curriculum!

This learning experience includes a student-facing mini-series of videos and is designed for students in grades one through graduate school. It will be a powerful way to bring industry professionals and world-class storytelling standards into your classroom. 

More About the Curriculum

The curriculum includes five flexible modules that each take approximately 45 minutes to use in your classroom. 

In this course, students will create a rollout promotions plan for releasing a song.

Although this course can be completed independently, we encourage classrooms to pair it with another Story Arts songwriting course. These Story Arts courses include Songcraft with Clay CookLyrics that Rhyme with Daniel Bashta, and Create a Demo with Thurston Hargrove. Students can use their song rollout plan to direct the public to their own original song!


Standards Addressed


Music Creating


Responding or Connecting Standards


Key Ideas & Details

Integration of Knowledge & Ideas

Text Types & Purposes

Production & Distribution of Writing

Comprehension & Collaboration

Integration & Presentation of Knowledge & Ideas


Course Overview
About Your Instructor

Create A Roll Out Plan

Lesson 1 - Meet Carmen Key

Lesson 2 - Challenge from Carmen Key

Lesson 3 - Creating a Rollout Plan

Lesson 4 - Creating a Product for Rollout

Lesson 5 - Rollout

Course Survey

Course survey and reflection

About Your Instructor 

Carmen Key is a singer, songwriter, producer, and brand manager. She works on promotion broadly within the entertainment industry. She co-wrote songs released by Flo Rida, Zendaya, and Selena Gomez, among others. She wrote and performed the single “I Just Wanna Dance,” featured in the 2017 movie “Heartbeats.” Carmen’s success in the music industry started humbly, singing in church where her mother was the musical director. Today, she is experienced in negotiations, marketing, PR, and management of brands and celebrities.