Utilize the Client Brief Toolkit to create projects with transformational impact

Use the Client Brief to guide transformational project work with clients in your community. We have designed a Client Brief from the ground up that students can use to interview external experts and create their own projects.

As educators, we understand that you also might wonder what questions to ask an industry leader to guide real-world project-based work.

Start discovering ways to blur the line between industry and school with this new tool!

Get the toolkit now and start planning transformative real-world projects.

Used in Professional
Story Arts Contexts

A Client Brief is used extensively in the creative industry to align project work, determine objectives, and set timelines. Using this framework you are teaching students to interact with Story professionals in ways they utilize every day.

Ask the right Questions to Create Shared Understanding

Too often one of the challenges to complex project work is creating a shared understanding of the end result. Client Briefs create a document that outlines the right questions to scope project work and creates shared understanding.

Industry-Tested Printable Tool 

Our tools are industry-tested and can be used in the context of the course or in your daily teaching practice. This tool is a form-fillable PDF that can be printed and shared between the client and project teams.

BONUS: Moodboard Tool Included

In Storytelling Through Branding, students utilize a moodboard - a visual tool that communicates visual ideas with images, colors, textures, typography, and simple messaging. Use this tool in projects to create visuals for prototyping and deeper understanding.

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